– Annie Canosa

Hello Mike,

I have been glancing through the CPR parent manual. It is incredibly thorough! However, what I appreciate most about it is the holistic approach that all aspects of the program maintain.

Pedagogy is all abuzz about SEL right now (Social Emotional Learning) because we know that without connecting with the student at a heart-level, we simply can’t teach and challenge them intellectually. Your team totally understands this and then takes it to the next level to help the PARENT understand this too!

I feel like the full 100 pages of the parent folder could be marketed as much as a “parenting manual” (regardless of child’s age) as it is a college planning guide. Your curriculum is extremely well-developed and please forward my review to the creators and writers. I am so very impressed.

Lastly, I did receive the budget forms and will fill them out this weekend and have them back to you by Monday. Thank you and have a good weekend.